SON is committed to ridding Nigeria of used, expired tyres

SON is committed to ridding Nigeria of used, expired tyres

Mr Sunday Yashim, the Coordinator ofStandard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) in Kwara, says SON is determined to rid Nigeria of imported used and expired tyres.

Yashim said SON are on the journey to rid the country of imported fairly used tyres.

“We want to ensure that “tokunbo tyres’’ are no longer used by any commercial vehicle or any vehicle at all; by so doing our tyre industry will be revived,” he continued,

“In Europe, tyres are produced based on the seasons, for example winter tyres will be used only for winter season after which they will be removed from the vehicle.

“Nigeria is in tropical region, tyres meant for winter in Europe cannot be used in tropical region like Nigeria.

“It will not last long and it is dangerous as our temperature will increase its pressure and burst,”

Yashim said that it was because of the influx of fairly used tyres that the two major tyre manufacturers in Nigeria, Dunlop and Michelin, moved to Ghana.

“You can imagine the number of people that have lost their jobs as a result of the influx of used and expired tyres in the country,” he said.