Married at first sight Nick Pendergrast and Girlfriend expecting twins

Married at First Sight Alum Nick Pendergrast Is Expecting Twins Credit: Courtesy Nick Pendergrast

Nick Pendergrast appeared on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight season 4, which aired in 2016, and married co-star Sonia Granados. They divorced lately after a year of marriage. His modern-day girlfriend is Heather Yerrid, a dating train who co-hosted an AfterBuzz television network program that discussed episodes of the reality show. She and Pendergrast revealed to People! Thursday they’re expecting twins!

“I was told I would not be able to have kids. Needless to say these #twins are a gift from God & we’re elated,” Yerrid tweeted..

in the meantime, Granados weighed in on the news.

“Now we ALL know why after buzz was always throwing shade at me #Congrats2theLoveBirds,” she tweeted. “Nick and Heather from AfterBuzz are having twins.”

She later added, “She thought I was wrong about him liking her. #ShadyMcPherson” and “One thing to say. They deserve each other.”