Man Fights for his Life after Bitten by Spider

Man Fights for his Life after Bitten by Spider

A man has been left battling for his life after he was bitten by a spider while working barefooted in the grass.

Kim Needham, posted on Facebook on Friday saying, her male friend was strolling in Skegness when he felt an immense pain which made his foot swell.

She included that he was later taken to Boston Pilgrim hospital in a critical condition with what she stated was “blood poisoning”.

The victim, who has not been named, is said to not be at risk after the “sting” was expelled from his foot, according to Lincolnshire Live report.

Official details about the incident hasn’t been released yet.

Ms Needham stated on her Facebook post that she didn’t intend to “scare anyone” but instead to raise awareness.

She stated: “A friend of mine has spent over five days in a critical condition at Boston Pilgrims hospital with blood poisoning caused by a bite, it is not known what bit him but as he was walking around bare foot on grass, he felt a sharp pain like he’d stood on a twig.

“Two hours later his foot had swollen massively and was in severe pain.

“They don’t know what bit him but have mentioned a spider.”
Ms Needham added: “This post isn’t to scare anyone but please make sure you and your children have something on their feet at all times.”
Ms Needham included: “This post isn’t to frighten anybody however please ensure you and your kids have something on their feet consistently.”