• Movie: Madonna
  • Revised romanization: Madonna
  • Hangul: 마돈나
  • Director: Shin Su-Won
  • Writer: Shin Su-Won, Jang Yoon-Mi
  • Producer: Lim Choong-Geun
  • Cinematographer: Yoon Ji-Woon
  • World Premiere: May 20, 2015 (Cannes Film Festival)
  • Release Date: July 2, 2015
  • Runtime: 121 min.
  • Genre: Drama
  • Distributor: Little Big Pictures
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Nurse’s aide Hae-Rim (Seo Young-Hee) and Doctor Hyuk-Gyu (Byun Yo-Han) are in charge of patient Chul-Ho. He is completely paralyzed and awaits for a heart transplant. Chul-Ho’s son Sang-Woo (Kim Young-Min) forces to extend Chul-Ho’s life expectancy to receive Chul-Ho’s fortune.

After an accident, Mi-Na (Kwon So-Hyun) is carried into the hospital. Cold-blooded Sang-Woo offers Hae-Rim a deal. The deal is for her to get an organ donation consent form from Mi-Na’s family. Hae-Rim in a poor financial state, accepts the deal for money. Trying to find Mi-Na’s family with the clue that her nickname was “Madonna,” Hae-Rim discovers a shocking secret.


Seo Young-Hee (Hae-Rim)

Kwon So-Hyun (Mi-Na)

Kim Young-Min (Sang-Woo)

Byun Yo-Han (Hyuk-Gyu)


Additional Cast Members:

Ko Seo-Hee – Hyun-Joo
Yoo Soon-Chul – Chul-Oh
Shin Yun-Seob – Section Chief Han
Han Song-Hee – Mi-Young
Lee Sang-Hee – A-Ram
Jin Yong-Ok – Jong-Dae
Go Hee-Ki – Yang Bok-Nam
Park Hyun-Young – Joon-Hee
Jung Ae-Hwa – homeroom teacher
Lee Sae Ro Mi – care worker
Lee Ji-Yeon – Jjalchi
Lee Myung-Haeng – Section Chief Park
Choi Hee-Jin – bar owner
Kim Jung-Yeon – Mi-Na (young)