‘Made-in-Nigeria goods, solution to recession’

ABUJA—PATRONAGE of made-in-Nigeria products is the answer to the country’s economic recession, as Nigerian manufacturers have shown that they could shape the first-class of imported goods.

This was the location of a Nigerian company, Team Ideas Box, TIB, which additionally noted that the Federal authorities and country wide meeting had been campaigning for local producers.

TIB’s Managing Director, Chris-Mario Ipeh, told newsmen that Nigerians need to exchange their power for imported merchandise and respect neighborhood ones, including “we join the Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, and the Senators on this campaign and want the sector to recognise that Nigerians have grown in populace and brains to satisfy production wishes. “that is why TIB’s store NAIJA and WINBIG reality shows will approximately be promoting made-in-Nigeria products.”

Additionally, Chairman of TIB, Ayendi Patrick, stated Nigerians need to prevent making bad feedback about locally-produced items.