Deborah Agboola admits that she’s c***blocking Ellie Young and Sam Chaloner to prevent them romping

Sam and Ellie have been getting increasingly amorous through the day as their romance blossoms but their housemates aren’t as happy about it.

Deborah stated: “Ellie’s mum will be proud of me. Everyday she’s kissing… every day you must kiss, Ellie today you will stop.

“So since yesterday I’ve just been c*** blocking him. I don’t care if Sam is frustrated, I will c*** block you.”

She continued: “What are you doing under the cover that you can’t do over the cover?

“Ellie and Sam are single, but I’m going to c*** block you. You are not getting no nunu today… Rose Cottage is prestige and we don’t do that.”

She concluded: “That is naughty, it is not permitted in my room. I’m just saying and I have said it.”