Circle (2017)


Drama: Circle: Two Worlds Connected
Revised romanization: Sseokeul: Yieojin Doo Segye
Hangul: 써클 : 이어진 두 세계
Director: Min Jin-Ki
Writer: Kim Jin-Hee, Yoo Hye-Mi, Ryoo Moon-Sang, Park Eun-Mi
Network: tvN
Episodes: 12
Release Date: May 22 – June 27, 2017
Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 23:00
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Story is set in the present day and the year 2037. An alien comes to Earth. The alien believes human’s emotion should be controlled or they will have no future. The alien becomes involved with humans.


  • Yeo Jin-Goo
  • Kong Seung-Yeon
  • An Woo-Yeon
  • Seo Hyun-Chul
  • Kim Joong-Ki
  • 2037
  • Kim Kang-Woo
  • Lee Gi-Kwang
  • Seo Hyun-Chul
  • Oh Eui-Sik
  • Kwon Hyuk-Soo
  • Min Sung-Wook
  • Nam Myung-Ryul
  • Yoo Young