Bride of the Water God Episode 4 Recap

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Ha-baek rescues So-ah, and as soon as he revealed to her that he’s a god, she passes out in his arms. Namsuri squeals in exhilaration seeing that Ha-baek’s powers have subsequently back. Later that night, by the river, As they anticipate for So-ah to wake up, Namsuri urges him to try out his powers on a rock… yet whilst Ha-baek attempts to do something with it, nothing occurs.

So-ah fidgets in her sleep, reliving what had happen at the rooftop in her dreams. We see how the masked man had dragged her toward the ledge, accusing, “It’s all your fault!Because of you, do you know how I lived? Die!”

He’d shoved her off the ledge, and she’d fallen headfirst over the side, plummeting towards the ground. As she’d locked eyes with Ha-baek , she’d begged, “Save me!” And so he had.

whilst Ha-baek tells her he’s god, So-ah wakes with a scream. She sees Ha-baek soaring over her and decides she’s nonetheless in a dream, and closes and opens her eyes once more, finding out every time that it’s still a dream.





Then she sooner or later returned back her senses, and goes strolling out of the park in disbelief. She recalls the first-rate sight of Ha-baek catching her in swirl of water, but tells herself that it’s simply her guilty conscience acting up again.

But then, she recollects her attacker’s accusations and freezes in her tracks, searching round fearfully as though waiting for him to pop up at any moment. warding off a panic attack, she runs to her vehicle and crouches there to catch her breath.

A discern in black comes up in the back of her and grabs her, and So-ah tenses and screams, suffering until she hears Ha-baek’s voice. He has her vehicle keys, and he hands them over, looking as she fumbles the lock with shaking arms. However she’s so rattled that she accidentally drives in reverse, then shifts gears and attempts to park while driving.
Ha-baek ends up driving, and advises her to ponder carefully about who might have attacked her, and who might also have a grudge against her. Namsuri adds that it’s too awful she will be able to make an incident report, given that she won’t be able to precisely give an explanation on how she was saved by a water god.

Arriving at her house, Ha-baek and Namsuri excorted So-ah to her gate, and you may literally see Namsuri shaking with the urge to invite her to let them stay. So-ah asks if he’s absolutely a god, noting, “You’re so different from the god I know…”

Ha-baek turns to go, at that point Namsuri can’t stay still anymore and shoves him inside the gate and blocks the gate. He publicizes that So-ah has introduced the god into her home, and should allow him to live. Namsuri blocks Ha-baek from leaving and presses So-ah to answer whether or not she believes Ha-baek is a water god.





Flustered, she says she does, and Namsuri warns that turning away a god would anger him and produce misfortune on her own family for generations. Ha, judging from Ha-baek’s smile, it seems Namsuri’s laying it on a little thick.

Head high up, So-ah leads them to her small rooftop. Pfff, no longer going to show him the main house, are you? Ha-baek looks around the cluttered surroundings and shakes his head at the unhappy area with its creaky vintage garage shed.

Ha-baek recollects the high priest informing him to enjoy the exciting human world, and curses him now. He looks up at the sky shaking his head… and then glances right down to see a man in black skulking inside the alley.

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