Thieves Steal 30,000 Condoms From Warehouse

Police in Las Vegas are hunting down some elastic burglars.

The Sin City stockroom of a Swedish sex toy organization was hit by criminals over the Memorial Day end of the week – not once, but rather twice. In the principal robbery on Friday night, the criminals softened up and stole boxes containing 30,000 condoms.

In any case, some way or another, even in Vegas, that wasn’t sufficient. On Saturday morning, criminals returned and smashed a vehicle through a conveyance entryway. This time they got boxes containing $15,000 worth of sex toys.

In a pleasant blog entry about the burglaries on its site, sex toy organization Lelo had just a single question after the break-ins: “What kind of party are these people having? We could have done the sponsorship or something.”

In its post Lelo likewise called the hoodlums “the horniest criminals in world history.”

Lelo agent Davor Solvo had a comical inclination about the robberies, disclosing to CNN partner KVVU that whoever took the condoms and sex toys likely didn’t snatch them “for testing purposes.”

The break-ins were caught on reconnaissance video, which Solvo said he provided for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.