Man Filmed Romping On Flight Had Pregnant Fiancee At Home (Video)

man filmed romping had pregnant wife at home

A man filmed romping with a lady on a Ryanair flight was purportedly on a stag do while his pregnant life partner held up at home (video below)

The pair were recorded by shocked travelers on the plane from Manchester to Ibiza on Friday, with video demonstrating the obscure blonde lady straddling the man who approaches individuals around him for a condom.

Be that as it may, as seen in the recording, 31-year-old Shaun Edmondson, had never met the lady before the boarded the plane, and is supposedly getting ready to marry his fiancee, who is six months pregnant.

man filmed romping had pregnant wife at home
Edmondson and Pregnant Fiancee, Jenna Ross, 25 (Left)

Travelers looked as the lady scrambled on top of Edmondson and they started to gyrate an hour into the flight to the gathering island.

As indicated by The Sun, Edmondson, a sous gourmet specialist, is known as a “lady’s” man’ in spite of being engaged to partner Jenna Ross, 25.

His friend told The Sun: ‘That’s just a random woman he’s with, they didn’t know each other before the day.

‘He doesn’t seem to be too bothered he has left his six-months pregnant wife-to-be at home while he cavorts with random strangers.’




Source: Daily Mail