Baby Who Looks 8 Months Pregnant Gets Cured Thanks To Her Father

baby looks 8 months pregnant

An infant who had a deadly disease that made her look 8 months pregnant was saved after her father donated a kidney.

Maddy Rbykin underwent an emergency kidney transplant after her stomach grew to a shocking length because of a condition called Polycystic Kidney Disease. The woman’s brother died of the very same sickness just 36 hours after his delivery.

Maddy, According to The Sun, suffered from enlarged kidneys that grew to a few times the size of an grownup’s. She reportedly slept for 18 hours in step with day after her birth, and continuously threw up. She changed into no longer anticipated to survive, however her father, Paul, made the choice to donate his kidney after being diagnosed as a donor in shape.

Both dad and mom were born with the recessive gene for the circumstance, which they have been blind to until they got pregnant with their son Nathaniel.

“The chances of any of our babies surviving, if they were born with it, was very low,” Karen Rodas, Maddy’s mother, told The Sun. “Nathanial didn’t stand a chance. Just 36 hours after his first cry brought him to life, he was gone.”

Rodas stated she become thrilled while she got pregnant with their daughter.

“When I fell pregnant once more, we have been each over the moon,” she said.

“Then, at our 20 week scan, they found Maddy’s kidneys were enlarged – a sure-sign of PKD, just like Nathaniel. My heart sank. I was determined we didn’t lose our baby to the deadly disease again.”

Maddy had to stay in the hospital for weeks, until she was cleared to go home. For the first year-and-a-half, she was able to live. Suddenly, her kidneys began to fail and surgery became a requirement.

“With Paul and Maddy, two of my most precious souls, going under the knife, my nerves were a wreck,” Rodas said. “I kept thinking: ‘What if something happens to them both? How will I cope?'”

Maddy and her father both made full recovery, and her mother said she’s now more healthy than ever.

“Daddy’s kidney has saved our little girl,” she stated.

“Now, she has boundless energy. Her massive tummy now just looks a little bit rounded and she is a happy and healthy two-year-old. She laughs so much, big belly laughs. And she feels good, which was something she wasn’t used to. She will need another transplant in 25 years, but that feels like a lifetime away.”




Source: The Sun Zivya/ Wikimedia Commons