Model Who Has Undergone More Than 100 Cosmetic Surgeries Vows To Continue

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Model Who Has Undergone More Than 100 Cosmetic Surgeries Vows To Continue

This 26-year-old Swedish glamour model, Pixee Fox, has undergone multiple procedures in hopes of becoming a ‘living cartoon’. Pixee Fox, recently residing in North Carolina, has undergone more than 100 cosmetic procedures and including removing six of her ribs.

Swedish glamour model Pixee Fox

She also changed the color of her eyes, did boob enhancement and most recently enlarged her bottom and lips through fat transfer procedure. She looks totally different from her younger sister who hasn’t done any plastic surgery

26-year-old Swedish glamour model has undergone 100 cosmetic procedures and including removing six of her ribs.

Pixee admits she doesn’t look like her younger self and still isn’t satisfied with her look thereby, planning further surgery.

She said ‘I was satisfied with how I looked then and I’m satisfied with how I look now but I have this vision of what I want to look like and I am going to keep on pursuing it. ‘Next year in 2017 I want to have ten more procedures. And I am going to start corset training and try to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for having the world’s smallest waist.’
Pixee admits she doesn't look like her younger self


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