Is Blac Chyna A Gold Digger? [Read: Fans Hateful Remarks]

Gold Digger

Blac Chyna Gold digger

Blac Chyna Gold digger

















After the recent incident regarding Blac Chyna’s Instagram being Hacked,” revealing SHOCKING messages of her, her best friend and her lawyer dissing and insulting her Fiance ‘Rob Kardashian’ behind his back, it was evident that she had planned EVERYTHING that had happened thus far in their relationship. One of which “Included their Break-up.” 

Blac Chyna (as we all know by now) sprung to her Snap-chat to Clarify that the alleged “Hateful Remarks” and conversations made against Rob Kardashian did NOT happen. It was apparently all but “a lie.” Faked.” And were done by someone that was “Really Really Really Really Really Mad”

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Despite her attempts to reach out to her fans to warn them about the Hacking on her account, and all alleged “Revealing Messages” should not be taken for the truth, her fans payed no mind and began to lay waste of the “ex-Kardashian” with hateful comments.

“Whether or Not this is true. Ion care everything said about her sounds about right to me”

“Total Slut!

“More fodder for their stupid show, just like the Kardashians, because they probably realise, people are fed up with the lot of them.

“Enough with the advertising of this dreadful and disgusting woman

“WOW ever time you think these people cannot sink any lower they prove us wrong.

“She left in such a hurry but still had time to steam clean the carpets in all the rooms?? .. little suss …

“Umm, Sorry but DUHHHH….

“All this sluty trash cares about is making money and fame. I Feel sad for the innocent child born into this crap. In the hands of a disgusting UN-dignified woman like her. She needs Christ for Christ-sake.


“She’s calling him Fat she’s one to talk! Hit the Gym Honey!

“What a Lowlife, Really. Does it really surprise anyone that she took Rob for a ride? At the cost of his dignity (if he had one), manhood and his money. Having his child and Latching onto the Kardashian name for the Net-Worth (Money_ How Pathetic of him to have even fall for that.

“I guess this is all done in benefit for the show. More money, more money, more money. That’s all they want. And lets face it, it isn’t as though this talent-less human begins have other ways of making money besides exposing their boo- er— I mean Lives

“Isn’t suspicious how their show was renewed now all this drama.

“WOW! This is soooooo Shocking. NOT!!

“She screwed with the wrong family. Kardashians would have that baby back in no time

“you never deserved to be a Kardashian biotch

“How terrible. What a terrible Human being. Isn’t like anyone didn’t see this coming. Her relationship between her and Rob had always been so Shallow anyways.

“zzzzzzzz Snake!

“Did he really thought he had a chance with her? more like, did he really thought his relationship with her was love? Like Damn she really took virgin bigboy for a ride. It’s just sad that a child is involved.


“This disgusting woman needs to know God.

“Guys isn’t it how it always is with this mainstream celebrities. They go Viral on some stupid scandal over night, Make Shit tons of money from us Idiots that re-share and talk about their scandals, then they go off to announce to the public to mind our own damn business.

“All you guys here just talk’n shit about her and calln her a shank and whatnot, but would still FAP to her nudes tho. SHANK! WHORE!!! fap

“They both got what they really wanted so I don’t really care. And neither should you guys; Rob got to lose his virginity and she got to trademark his name for money. Win-Win. So everyone just shut up! let them be!


Comments from all over the net; from Social medias to Fan pages and Global News sites bashing and tarnishing her image. With everyone having a lot to say, what is the real truth? Does she deserve any of these hateful remarks even though she made it specifically clear that her account was hacked by an unknown and very angry person. Lying to ‘Us’ and rubbishing her name.
















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