Passionate couple filmed romping in hotel window

Passionate couple videod romping in hotel window next to London Office

This couple were videod in broad daylight, romping while leaning against London hotel window, Motel One, a London hotel.

The video was captured by people working at the next building, and was submitted to The Sun.

Although it was obvious that people kept looking at them, they didn’t stop, instead they kept going on for over 20 minutes.

According to one of the workers: “It’s obviously not the kind of thing you see every day.

“We couldn’t really believe it.

“It was taken last week and since Monday has been going round to all the workers on WhatsApp who work in the area.

“Everybody in the office is talking about it”

Another worker told The Sun: “People found it very funny – to see people having sex in the middle of the working day while sitting at your desk is hilarious.

“It’s fair to say it was a bit of a distraction for those whose offices face the hotel and it made for some interesting meetings.

“I think it went on for about twenty minutes. No one knows who the couple are but they were clearly enjoying themselves and must have known they were being watched.”

“must have done it on purpose”

“About once a month, people in this building seem to catch someone at it, through a hotel window.

“The hotel has become rather famous for it among people who work here.”

Motel One opened in December 2014, and is known as a “budget designer hotel” with 291 rooms starting at £98 a night.

On its website it says “Happy guests and happy staff are at the heart of what we do.”




Source: The Sun