Gas Truck Tanker Crashes in Lagos State Ibadan Highway- Killing 3 Individuals

Gas Truck Tanker Crashes on Highway Killing 3 Individuals

Gas Truck Tanker Crashes in Lagos State Ibadan highway- Killing 3 Individuals











3 Individuals confirmed dead and vehicles burnt terribly in an accident caused by a gas tanker truck. Colliding with another truck, the tanker caused a massive explosion in Lagos state Ibadan Highway. Eye-witness claimed the incident occurred about 4:O Clock AM, in the morning.


“FRSC Corps Marshal Urges Motorist to Exercist Caution on the Highway” as if the idiots know what caused the accident. For all they know it could be Drunk-driving, sleep-driving, texting-and-driving, could be anything!

A proper investigation should be performed in cases like this before arriving to a conclusion and easily dismissing the news and details as though the lives of the 3 individuals doesn’t matter. And more importantly,
“What about Background information and identity of the 3 individuals? Who are they? Where are they from? Where is their Backgrounds? Who is their family and or friends/love ones?” This are questions that should be answered first and foremost before giving a half-assed, incompetent response about being cautions while driving simply to dismiss the whole issue and move on.