Furious husband stabs wife to death and cut off lover’s genital

A furious husband stabs his cheating wife to death and cut off her lover’s genital after catching them in bed together.

The husband told police that he stabbed his wife to death and cut off love rival’s penis and testicles seeing them in bed.

This incident happened in the village of Shama, south-western Russian Automomous Republic of Tatarstan.

The wife of the man had told her husband that she was going to visit her female friends in the next village.

However, as evening came, the husband decame suspicious of his wife. So he called her friends and that was when he found out his wife lied to him.

The husband told police that he had always suspected his wife cheating on him with another man in the next village so he walked to the man’s house.

When he caught his wife having sex with her lover, he became furious, so he grabbed a knife and cut off the lover’s penis and testicular then stabbed his wife to death.

After realizing that he had killed them, he called the police and turned himself in.

The lover and the woman died from injuries, and the children from the couple will be placed in an orphanage as the investigation continues.

Source: DailyMail