Eudoxie Yao claims to have the biggest backside in West Africa.

Meet plus size model with the biggest backside in Africa, Eudoxie Yao. Eudoxie Yao from Ivory Coast has become a social media sensation from having the biggest backside ever seen. She claims that she has the biggest backside in West Africa.

Her huge backside has earned her over  127,000 followers, and has enabled her to sell events and promote products. Just like her hero, Kim Kardashian, Eudoxie has been a regular on local television shows.

From her videos and instagram pictures, she is seen wearing skin-tight clothing, showing her booty and cleavage.

While on television and radio stations, Eudoxie has been asked countless times, if her backside was 100 percent natural, to which she stated on her instagram that is is natural.

With backside big enough to intimidate Kim kardshian’s backside she is slowly acquiring fortune with her natural appearance.