Donald Trump picks team and prepares to enter White House

Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee and President-elect Donald Trump’s newly named White House chief of staff, appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe today and addressed concerns by Jewish groups about Breitbart News chief Steve Bannon’s new role as chief strategist and senior counselor to the president.

“He was a force for good on the campaign at every level that I saw, all the time,” Priebus said of Bannon. “I’ve only seen a generous, hospitable, wise person to work with.”

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There are 67 days until Trump takes the oath of office.

During their private White House meeting on Thursday, Mr Obama walked his successor through the duties of running the country, and Mr Trump seemed surprised by the scope, said people familiar with the meeting. Trump aides were described by those people as unaware that the entire presidential staff working in the West Wing had to be replaced at the end of Mr Obama’s term. After meeting with Mr Trump, the only person to be elected president without having held a government or military position, Mr Obama realized the Republican needs more guidance. He plans to spend more time with his successor than presidents typically do, people familiar with the matter said.


source: b1b2.en