Second Sex video of Okeke Chidinma leaked online 

Okeke Chidinma Sex
Okeke Chidinma Sex

Okeke Chidinma Sex leaked online















Second part video of Chidinma Okeke sex tape scandal leaked online

Last week, a lesbian sex Video of two girls circulated online. The girls were identified as Miss Anambra 2015, Okeke Chidinma, and her friend, Adaobi Nzekwe. The video showed the lady identified as Ada, using a cucumber as a sex toy on the other lady identified as Chidinma Okeke. However, Chidinma Okeke went on Instagram stating that she was not the one in the video and it was photoshopped. She said it was done by people who are out to blackmail and tarnish her image.

Fans, however, are not convinced that she is not the one in the video. They are angry that she would say that a video was photoshopped which means she’s insulting their level of intelligence. Her statement led her fans to leave hateful comments on her Instagram post.

The release of her statement led to the release of another video showing her face from the front view. Some fans saw this coming thereby urging her to not lie about it, but delete her statement since they are certain that it is her in the video.

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The blackmailer has not been identified, but is believed to be someone from her circle of friends. Second video clearly showed faces of the girls and it’s about 0:59 seconds long. Okeke Chidinma whose Instagram pictures were public has decided to keep it private.

This is an act of online bullying and the blackmailer is believed to have done this for money. Who knows that next to expect?




Source: From 59 seconds video Sent to The Informant Spy





  1. It’s a pitty what pagentry has turned, I believe that the people who made her do that video are the ones who are he’ll bent on destrying her….

    • What ever it is .
      Provided the story is true and that shown there wasn’t done under duress as represented there, then she deserves to remain STUPID for life.

      She is an eediot.


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