Miss Anambra Chidinma Okeke dethroned amid sex scandal

After the sex scandal that broke the internet which caused an uproar of online bullying, fans are concerned that Chidinma Okeke may cause harm to herself.

Chidinma Okeke came from a very respectful family and there is no exact statement as to why the video of her scandal was leaked online by her blackmailers known as ‘the leakers’. From our own investigation, ‘The leakers’ or the person behind it, may have created their website primarily to make a shame of her.

With everything going on: people cursing at her and her crown secretly taken away from her in Oct 11, Chidinma Okeke is going through a lot.

It is also believed that the leaked tape was from the past. She may have done the lesbian porn in exchange for fame and credibility. Winning the title as Miss Anambra 2015 created more chances for her to achieve her dream as an international beauty model. She represented NIGERIA internationally after winning it and even attended honorable events with politicians.

According to a post made by an unknown person, Prestige, “As a young girl, the society influenced her to believe that being a model and a pageant is one of the things every beautiful girl should try.”

“Chidinma, being beautiful with a slender body fit for the business of Modelling did not only get busy with her new found career but also got over passionate about it. She met friends, met colleagues, found new cliques and belonged to the tribe of classical models, she saw herself waxing strong and coming up high.”

The video from her past is now hunting her present – making her a public enemy. “In a bid of becoming much more successful, Chidinma and some other pageants got lured into acting an amateur lesbian pornography.”

” I so much believe that so many celebrated models have always gotten involved in one mess or another just in a bid of coming out victorious especially in South East Nigeria.”

She added “She is not the worst, she has not done the worst, she did not kill anybody… Yes she did not! Many have committed abortion, many have even killed their babies, many have practiced homosexual affair for money! But because they were not played in public, they feel they are better!

We have no right to continue supporting this people who wants to see Miss Chidinma dead! The next thing they would do is target her life, get her killed and then tell us she committed suicide!”

Fans are pleading for everyone to share love instead of hate. Pray for Chidinma Okeke and the other girl seen in the video.

“Promote what you love instead of bashing on what you hate, it’s more effective to build the world you love than to destroy the world you hate.” – Jordan Bach

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Source: Facebook