Ugo Udezue bringing NBA to Africa

Ugo Udezue, CEO of African Basketball League told CNN his goal, which is to make NBA successful in Africa. “Africa has the best  talent in sports. Look at even LeBron James or Kevin Durant. Their lineage is from Africa.” He wants to motivate other kids around seven feet tall, pick fresh talents from the streets, and teach them basketball. The aim is to make an African Kevin Durant or LeBron James for Africa.

Though the Nigerian economy is bad, he stated that sports is business and billions of dollars come into the United States through the NBA. Therefore, it should as well be a good business in Africa and  be a good way to boost the economy.
As of now, they have only six teams in the African Basketball League that are active in four different countries, but the goal is to be active in 20 different countries in Africa in the next three years.