Step-dad caught on CCTV drowning his three year old step-daughter in a swimming pool

GRAPHIC WARNING step-dad faces 100 years in prison without parole for drowning step-daughter in a swimming pool. CCTV footage shows the father throwing the child in the pool even when knowing that she couldn’t swim and other people did nothing.
This cruel act happened in a hotel in August 2015 in Morelia, Mexico. The video clip from the hotel was enough evidence to convict him. The step-dad has been identified as Jose David N. The clip showed how the man held the 3 year old daughter in the water using her hair to secure her at the bottom of the pool.
While all these were going on, the mother of the child was sleeping in the hotel room and quickly took the child to the hospital after she was found not breathing. The step father was arrested immediately by the authorities. Despite arguments that the child died outside the pool, the judges disagreed to the claims. Jose David was sentenced to 100 years in prison.