Interview with upcoming Nigerian singer, Larry Tenor

Exciting news! In less than three months, upcoming Nigerian artist, Larry Tenor, has released three new singles. Without a doubt, he is one singer we
DOWNLOAD Blessings By LarryTenor
DOWNLOAD Blessings By LarryTenor

Interview with LarryTenor

DOWNLOAD  ‘Blessings’ by LarryTenor ft TooFit

At what age did you start singing?
I started off doing music at the age of 10. During that time, I think my immediate younger brother and I were the youngest in the choir, yeah.
Who are your inspirations?
I have few people that inspire me. Growing up, I listened to Chris brown, Trey songs, Darey and John Legend, I love these guys
Do you write your own songs?
Yeah, I write my songs. I’ve written all my songs until now
Where do you get your inspiration for your songs?
 Most times, these songs come with feelings, like how you feel at that point in time, you might be going through a heartbreak and write a song about that. You can get a major financial boost and want to sing about success, so it depends.
If you could perform with anyone in the future, who would it have to be?
I would Love to do a song with John Legend, it would mean the world to me, and maybe Frank Edwards on a gospel scene.
Do you have any work you plan on working on that we should watch out for?
In the nearest future, I intend on creating a brand, like a record label, a clothing line and an NGO, basically there’s a lot I want to do but it’s still in the pipeline.
Which instruments do you play? 
I started off playing the drums way back in the church band, then I moved to the piano but I didn’t learn much there [laughs]
 Is your family musical?
Yes, we love music…my siblings and I were in the choir one time. we were the instrumentalists and vocalists they had in our church then. I played the drums and sang, my second brother played the piano and backed up, and my youngest brother played d bass guitar and also sang, so it’s a family thing
Do you get nervous before a performance?
 I think every upcoming act gets nervous before a performance, even the star entertainers freak out, I just think consistency is all You need, with time You’ll get used to it
What genre do you belong in? 
I would say RnB and poprock 
Your first single, ‘Blessings’, why did you choose to have that as your first release among other songs?
About the song, at the time of my release, I had really good songs that could become a hit in the industry, but then I chose Blessings because I knew God had a lot in store for me, so blessings was like giving him thanks beforehand.