CCTV shows jogger Karina Vetrano moments before she was murdered by sex predator

Images show the last picture of jogger moments before she was sexually assaulted and killed. The 30 year old was found dead in her jogging pants pulled to her knee on Aug 2. She went out jogging around 5 PM that evening and didn’t return from her regular run in the Queens borough, New York. Her father who is a retired fireman called the police and told them about the missing of his daughter, and was with the police when they found her body that night at10:30 PM.
A search is on for an unidentified man who is believed to have jogged on the same path and the same time as Karina. The man is identified as a mam between the ages of 30 and 35, 5ft 9, and weighs 150 pounds with black hair parted to the side.

“I would see him almost every day and now he’s dropped off the face of the earth” Phil added “it’s very important that we speak to him because he might have seen something.”
“In the wintertime, he would wear black gloves and a black cap. In the summer, he might run shirtless. He is very very fit. Not a weightlifter, but extremely fit. Somebody must know who this is.”
The police found Karina’s cell phone near a bike path, and a used condom. Her father started that he didn’t feel right when his daughter wasn’t back that evening. A reward money of $100,000 will be offered to anyone who helps to bring justice to Karina.

The reward money has reached $279,780. Father of Karina has decided to use reward money to hire a private investigator only with the permission of the NYPD to find the killer.”In case it goes cold, I’m going to have to bring someone in, someone like Perry Mason” Phi added “I can’t see how they could do more, they’re working seven days a week around the clock. This has gotten personal for them.”
NYPD says they are confident in making an arrest. Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said “since we put out the one report detailing the events of the crime, and I don’t remember the day, we’ve gotten about 4 calls each day after that, so we’re up to about 170 calls in this right now, I think we have twelve open that are vetting right now, so we wanna keep this going as err go forward. We have a lot of perseverance in this case, we do believe we’ll make all arrest in this case.”

Anyone with information concerning this case should call 1-800-577-TIPS or text CRIMES and enter TIP577 or visit