6 women talk about their sex drive while pregnant

Credit: Ciara
Credit: Ciara
Credit: Ciara

Several women share their sex drive while pregnant. This forum, Reddit, shows these women talking about how sex was to them while being pregnant.

1. Having to move from orgasm to no orgasm at all. This woman said “My sex drive increased greatly my first trimester and it held pretty steady until I hit month five and then it simply started fading away.

Initially, it was just harder and harder to orgasm until finally, by the eight month, I couldn’t even get myself off. There was no sensation other than friction.

It came back pretty quickly after childbirth, thankfully, and I actually look back pretty fondly at the time period before we were cleared for sex (6 weeks) – we made out like teenagers for hours, something we had somehow forgotten in our almost 20 years together.”

2. Being horny throughout the whole pregnancy. This woman said “I stayed over the top horny the whole time through both pregnancies. And the sensations were so intense too. I couldn’t get enough. I’m currently in the process of becoming a surrogate. I feel sorry for my poor husband.”

3. Sex drive being the same. This woman stated “all three pregnancies were nine glorious months of eating and having sex. The husband couldn’t walk straight. But then, I’ve always been a horny little thing.”

4. Depends on the pregnancy. This woman shared “First pregnancy, I was an insatiable beast, I couldn’t get enough to the point where it was like a chore for my husband, ha. Not really, he loved it.

Second time, I was until around 6 months pregnant when something changed and I was not able to get off. It was dark times, for months I went without orgasm. Terrible stuff. Thank God it was temporary.”

5. Having no sex drive whatsoever. This woman said “it only gets uncomfortable during the 3rd trimester. But for the most part, my sex drive is just diminished. I am almost 15 weeks with baby #2 and my sex drive is nowhere to be found. It sucks.

6. Having more interest in sex than you normally were. Another woman said “first pregnancy, my libido was through the roof, although it was nearly nonexistent in the months before I got pregnant.
I’m pregnant now (7 months) and it’s been totally different; I maturate a good bit, but it’s like my vagina is super tight, and penetration is really uncomfortable, so sex isn’t really happening as much as we’d like it to.”